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Grandson | A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3 | Album Review

Fueled by Ramen
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Grandson’s newest EP, A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3, brings his familiar blend of grungy punk rock songs smoothed over with politically-minded themes, an additional welcome to his fast growing, and popular, collection. The EP stands as the latest installment to the series of A Modern Tragedy, which began in 2018.

The five songs, “Rock Bottom,” “Oh No!!!,” “Put Me Under,” “Destroy Me,” and “Die Young,” bring sounds and messages that ring familiar for previous listeners of Grandson. However, even with the familiarity, each song brings new themes and sounds that resonate with listeners.

The first song in the EP, “Rock Bottom” has a more indignant tone that inspires revolution. The song begins with guttural guitar and critical lyrics, “Tell me how did we get here? / And where the fuck do we go now?” The song carries its course through catchy reverberations and rebellious energy, shifting between the matter-of-fact storytelling and revealing statements describing, “Read the signs better cause the writing was on the wall / And now we got front row seats, watch the system fall.”

Another song, “Put Me Under,” changes course in sound. An almost pensive installation to the EP, the song begins with a static element and melancholy lyrics that pull the listener under as well: “Turn off my mind, turn off the news.” The song delves into the suffocating nature of media, the feeling of quite literally just wishing for someone to “Put me under.” The song also cleverly works in essentially a “break down” with the bridge, switching sounds yet again to clarify that helplessness, “I can’t be reminded, sick of it all / Tryin’ to numb it, my head in the sand.”

Overall the latest EP successfully explores new territory through both meaning and rhythms of songs, while sticking true to Grandson’s distinct sound. The EP provides even more excitement for the tour and hopefully nearing arrival of new music.

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