The two sides to Borderlands 3

Newest Borderlands game has pros and cons for avid video gamers. Illustration: Alex Stallsworth · The Sentry

Newest Borderlands game has pros and cons for avid video gamers.
Illustration: Alex Stallsworth · The Sentry

Opinion by Alex Stallsworth

A culmination of characters, blood, guns, and explosions rip the world video game market once more with the fascinating adventures of vault hunters on Pandora. The fifth game in the Borderlands realm arrived Sept. 13. Plot twists drive the vault hunter of choice and the story through interstellar travel and hunting vaults full of loot. 

The thing that really makes the game entertaining is following each change in the story to the critical boss fights. The boss fights have a very unique structure that make them easier to play than the previous game, epsecially once the dodging is mastered by the player.  

A unique aspect that the Borderlands 3 game is able to accomplish is improved skill point structure, allowing players to have more freedom in customizing their character from more powers. The game then becomes highly personal to them.  

In the new game, all four of the characters increase in variety, allowing players to choose from their powers to help their travels through the game. 

Another improvement that the company made to this game that makes it enjoyable to play through several times is the quips that each player’s characters say when interacting with enemies.

A love of the gory humor lets anyone find enjoyment in such a simple game as Borderlands 3. This game is known for being funny and letting the player just relax as enemies explode from their bullets into mist clouds of blood. This franchise is known for being a comic book-esque approach to a world of violence.  

    The game relives certain events from the past so that anyone can understand the turmoil hidden within each character, good and bad. It is incredible because it allows anyone to enjoy and become a part of such a playful environment. 

    The story has so many plot twists that it will keep gamers hooked as they make their way through the game.

Opinion by Alex Predmore

Ever since the first Borderlands, gamers have adored the original looter-shooter and the franchise became a huge hit. Borderlands 2 had an enormous following; people played it religiously because it’s incredibly fun and has tons of replay value to it. When Borderlands 3 was announced, fans of the series everywhere jumped out of their seats with excitement and pre-ordered it as soon as they could. Never have they been more disappointed in something.  

Right from the beginning the story is confusing. Where did these new villains come from, who are they, why are they fighting us? Comparing the villain, Handsome Jack, from Borderlands 2 to the new villains, Troy and Tyreen, is like comparing Gucci to Wal-Mart. Their personalities fall flat, the humor is forced, and there never feels like there is any real reason to hate them. However, they’re not the only characters that fall flat.  

Every new character introduced is just an addition to an old one, nothing feels new. Nearly every returning character from previous games feels like the writers completely changed who they were. They feel dull and non-existent, like they are there just for plot progression and nothing more. It’s not like they could help the plot anyway because it is one dimensional and not at all exciting. 

The story does not flow smoothly, there is never any excitement to see what is going to happen next. The only reason to keep playing through the cringeworthy meme jokes is out of pure obligation. The ending is so anti-climatic that it isn’t clear the game has ended until the credits are rolling. 

For a game that has been in development for two years, a franchise known for its humor and eccentric characters, Borderlands 3 feels like they spent too much time on the gimmicks and just rushed a story. If gamers are still debating whether or not to buy it, they definitely shouldn’t. 

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