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Hoodie Szn

This past Sunday I got to see one of my favorite artists live for the third time. I’ve been a fan of Hoodie Allen for about six years now after I heard songs off his All American EP for the first time on Pandora. I really got into his music after seeing him live for the first time opening for Fall Out Boy and the release of his debut studio album, People Keep Talking.

I really don’t know why I like his music so much and I don’t always relate to the lyrics, especially  when I was 14, but he brings a sense of authenticity and truthfulness to the industry that is, more often than not, so merciless. Over the years, he’s also given me a lot of memories to look back and smile upon.

The first time I saw him, there were a few horrifying photos taken of me in the crowd singing along that Salt Lake Tribune shared. The photos were mortifying the first time I saw them but now I can look back and laugh (mostly because I can’t find the photos online anymore). The second time seeing him live gave me memories with one of my closest friends from my childhood and the chance to introduce her to my new lifestyle in Denver as opposed to how I was in my hometown (high school sucks, don’t get me started).

This past time was particularly special to me, however, because I got to drag along my roommate and the closest friend I’ve ever had to her first rap concert. Most of our concert experiences have been me dragging her along to see some weird shit that she’s never heard of but I was especially nervous for this show. We’ve been having a bit of a time in our friendship over the past few weeks and I wanted the show to be a way for us to move past these things.

That’s the great thing about any concert, whether everyone in the audience knows the music or not, they bring everyone together. I’m glad that this show let us get back to how we were and I’ll forever be appreciative of the memories that came out of the night, and I hope there’s more to come even after she graduates this coming May.

Editor’s Pick: “You Should Let Me Know” by Hoodie Allen

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