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Sleeping with Sirens | How It Feels to Be Lost | Album Review

Sumerian Records
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A genre-mixed album that feels like it could be the battling soundtrack to an anime series, Sleeping With Sirens (SWS) released their sixth studio album, How It Feels to Be Lost, over Labor Day weekend on Sept. 6. Keeping the heavy metal, emo punk genre alive and living, the 11-track LP is energetic and chilling to the bone with raspy, cry aloud vocals, and a diverse range of heavy musical instruments.

Running at a nice length of just under 40 minutes, the arousing and energetic emotions are felt in the first track, “Leave It All Behind.” The vibrant sound of heavy guitar and percussion is similar to the emo days of Linkin Park. The only difference being that it feels darker and more personal, as SWS aggressively expresses the situation on anxiety and depression throughout its lyrics.

Each song seems to be telling a story, offering consistent diverse intros to each track. For example, tracks “Never Enough” and “Ghosts” propose subtle beginnings. “Never Enough” begins with ecstatic yet disturbing electronic beats that climax to rapid percussion, while “Ghosts” starts with gentle guitar that transitions into a chilling outcry of lyrics about a woman that has given up on life and is now a ghost.

The track “Another Nightmare” mashes pop with punk rock creating a song that is surprisingly pleasant to the ear and flows smoothly with the yelling vocals of the artists. While “Medicine (Devil in My Head)” is based on themes of alcoholism and abuse that are heightened by majestic-sounding guitar and emotional lyrics.

Sometimes, genres such as rock and punk rock seem too repetitive with its use of synthesized guitar and ear-splitting percussion. However, in How It Feels to Be Lost, SWS has broken that barrier and created a euphonic album that consists of diverse instrumental and stories told in each individual track.

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