Fontana Sushi serves beautiful coastal platters

Fontana’s presentation is simple yet elegant. Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

Fontana’s presentation is simple yet elegant.
Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

For sushi lovers everywhere, walking into the new Fontana Sushi, which opened in late August of 2018 and is located at the intersection of East 6th Avenue and North Washington Street, is like walking into paradise because of the high-quality fish, beautiful plating, overall cleanliness, and low prices.  

Parking is very difficult, as the lot for this restaurant consists of five parking spots, which are situated right up against the busy street. There are several nearly empty lots nearby; however, they all have private parking signs hung up, which only allow customers who are going to eat at the associated restaurant to park there. If one were to park in those lots and visit Fontana sushi instead, they would be risking having their car towed.  

Once guests walk in the front door, they will be greeted by a quaint room with a beautiful fish tank. Choices of seating include a beautiful sushi bar for those who wish to be entertained while they dine and tables if guests choose to have a more private experience. Once seated, guests are given three menus, one that lists all alcoholic beverage options, another that details all the seafood dishes offered, and a third that allows guests to quickly and efficiently write down what they want and how much they want of each dish. The waitresses are polite and patient with their customers, happy to explain the ingredients that go into a dish to any customer that does not understand the Japanese names.  

Everyone knows that the wait between when the waiter takes your order and when the food arrives is the worst. However, Fontana Sushi does an excellent job of making this wait short, so one does not have to suffer starvation for very long. The food is then either passed over the counter or brought to the guest’s table by a waitress.  

The first impression of the platter is that of beauty. The pieces of sushi are laid diagonally, so they fit well on the clean white rectangular platter. The bright color of the pieces of fish indicate the freshness, and the intense marbling of fat in the salmon indicate high quality. The wasabi is placed in the corner of the platter next to a heap of fresh ginger and a beautiful purple and white tropical flower for garnish. The salmon is so soft it melts on the tongue and is a must-have when visiting this new establishment.  The restaurant has made the experience even better by offering a special that makes their prices low. A piece of sashimi is only $1 per piece, much lower than the usual $2.50 to $4.50 per piece elsewhere. This special has been offered since the grand opening in August 2018 and doesn’t have a set end date.  

Whether people love sushi or are wanting to try it for the first time, they need to stop by Fontana Sushi for a high-quality experience at an extremely low price. 

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