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Blink-182 | NINE | Album Review

Columbia Records
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Iconic rock band blink-182 is back with a brand-new album and the same old sound. NINE dropped Sept. 20, and the world has changed quite a lot in the 20 years since the band dropped their first album, Enema of the State. Music is the most constantly evolving form of pop culture and as it becomes more and more difficult to claim a spot in the game, it becomes just as difficult for well-known artists to remain relevant in the ever-changing art of music.

NINE has 15 tracks, which flow together into what seems like a 42 minute blink-182 song that probably played over the speakers at the mall in 2003.

The biggest issue the album faces is that it sounds the exact same as all their previous albums. For those who enjoy the classic whiny vocals, dirty guitar riffs, and frantic drumming, it’s gold. But for those ready to ditch the nostalgia and wanting to hear the band evolve out of their 90’s early-emo sound, it’s a bit disappointing.

The lyrics are too teenage-centric to be sung by someone in their mid-40s. To their credit, a few of their song titles seem to be poking fun at the fact that the band is now middle aged, with one song titled “Blame It on My Youth” and another titled “Generational Divide.”

Other tracks, like “I Really Wish I Hated You,” are a dragging love/hate song that sounds like it wouldn’t be too out of place during the emotional climax of a high school rom-com that went straight to DVD.

But the bottom line is, blink-182 is a pretty good band. They helped define the early-2000’s iconic sound, completely revolutionizing what rock music is allowed to be.

Since their heyday, the genre has grown and shifted, and other bands have come along and evolved the industry further, but blink-182 will always be the origin story for pop-punk as it is known today.

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