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Photo: Taelar Pollmann ⋅ The Sentry

Photo: Taelar Pollmann ⋅ The Sentry

Thoughts on a job

Stepping into the role of Managing Editor for The Sentry was undeniably a bit scary. Though I held the position of Leisure Editor during the 18/19 academic year, the new responsibility I was given also came with a new set of reservations. What if I’m not organized and mature enough to handle the demands of helping to operate a newspaper and run an office? The editor-in-chief is someone I’m friends with outside of the office, so how do I separate being a good co-worker from being a friend?

As I have moved into this role, I discovered even more things I never thought would be an issue: how does one even edit someone else’s opinion? I didn’t realize until I sat down to do my first round of edits to the first issue’s articles that I had no actual clue what I was doing. Still, I was given this position because someone clearly thought I was a good fit.

So, I have challenged myself this year. I must become more organized than I’ve ever had to be before. I must alter my behavior around the office to reflect my position. I must give even more of my time and learn about all the little processes that go into the weekly publication of the paper. I must be more diligent with editing articles (even though I’m editing less on a weekly basis) and staying in continual contact with staff.

None of those things are tasks I’m opposed to. In fact, I’m very happy I have the opportunity to do them and hope that I do them with gusto. I want to be good at this job and be someone people enjoy working with. I also want to help elevate my sections and the members of Sentry staff that I publish there to a higher level. Part of my plan to do that is by re-thinking the layout of Et Cetera and turning it into more of a playground where writers can experiment with subjects they’re uncomfortable with and illustrators and photographers can create images that push them past their own boundaries.

Maybe those are lofty expectations. I hope they are because shouldn’t my reach exceed my grasp? Hopefully I succeed at what I set out to do, but also (maybe just a little) I hope I don’t succeed, if only to force me to try a different way.

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