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Clairo | Immunity | Album Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

After the colossal success of Clairo’s viral DIY music video for “Pretty Girl” and more recent successful collaborations with Wallows in “Are You Bored Yet?” the 21-year-old singer released her debut full-length record Immunity in August.

The 11-track album opens with the lo-fi piano ballad, “Alewife.” At first listen, the track has an elegant echo to it with Clairo’s breathy vocals and lax instrumentals. At a closer look, however, the track details an account of a close friend saving her from committing suicide in the eighth grade in lyrics like, “I didn’t mean to scare you / Just had the thoughts in my mind / They showed up to my door.”

Other tracks on the album, like “Closer to You” move away from the lo-fi indie sound, and more into the domain of hip-hop. The track commences with looped beats and a bass line that wavers between low and mid-range frequencies, creating a wobbly sort of sound. The only thing off-kilter with the track is the intentional overuse of auto-tune on Clairo’s already unique vocals to match up with the heavier instrumentals. The effect feels out of place and exhausted by the end of the song and counteracts with the proposed mood Clairo is trying to illustrate lyrically.

Other songs like “North” and “Bags” move back into her typical sound before reaching the most notable songs on the album. “Softly” brings a groovy, foot-tapping feel to the album with laid back drums and a jazzy, reverb-heavy guitar riff. “Sofia” brings a more fast-paced upbeat feel to a somewhat melancholic sounding record. The track utilizes Daft Punk-esque melodies and arpeggiated synth, as well as plenty of reverb.

Immunity is a lively and certainly exceptional first record. However, sometimes the tracks can be a bit monotonous or employ strange effects that feel rather out of place for the tone of the record, but all-in-all it’s still an easy and gratifying listen that’s a perfect depiction of the genre.

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