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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Hip-hop boy band BROCKHAMPTON’s fifth studio album, GINGER, takes the group’s sound in a new direction. The band has returned with a different vibrancy as opposed to their previous four albums. Replacing the bounce of their older and more popular tracks, creating amore mature nuance and artistic perspective. BROCKHAMPTON has never been a traditional group, and they’ve certainly never pretended to be one, either. Their quirkiness is what makes the album work, so long as the listener is willing to understand that this isn’t an album that aims to give them what they want. 

The beats remain interesting and unexpected, keeping things full of drum and static, especially on tracks “HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU,” “ST. PERCY,” and “I BEEN BORN AGAIN.” While these songs have the same easy-to-listen-to energy as previous hits, they lack the party anthem enthusiasm that made them so popular. 

Other tracks get more experimental yet, using elements from other genres to add to their funky sound. “BOY BYE” uses a banjo twang to incorporate a folky-country vibe, while “IF YOU PRAY RIGHT” uses trombone to create an odd sort of jazz moment. 

Stand out tracks include “SUGAR,” “VICTOR ROBERTS,” “DEARLY DEPARTED,” and “GINGER.” All the above include the same sort of wistful and willowy instrumentals that held fans’ attention. Utilizing certain techniques like rapping to slower beats isn’t something new, but it is something BROCKHAMPTON excels at.

Fans of BROCKHAMPTON will enjoy the album immensely, as it offers an inside view of the group’s process to express their creative vision. The band keeps their classic sound while still assuring listeners that they’re ready for a new chapter in their already successful career. 

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