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ICE raids in Denver still a possibility

What’s happening and how to get involved

Possibility of ICE raids Troubling for some Denver residents.
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Two months after President Trump declared Denver as one of 10 cities that will be targeted by ICE raids, the nation still seems to be holding its breath. The Trump administration has continually pushed back the raids, originally announced on July 11, due to public outrage, but the threat continues as reports of unscheduled visits from ICE and illegal detainment spread throughout the southwestern United States.  

ICE has not commented on whether Denver is one of their targeted cities, and according to the American Immigration Lawyers Association, no significant ICE arrests have been made within the state of Colorado.  

However, in recent months there have been several significant targeted raids throughout the United States, including the arrest of 20 people in San Diego on July 12, the arrest of 140 people during a surge of raids throughout six states the week of June 11, and the arrest of more than 600 people across Mississippi on Aug. 7. 

The upsurge in ICE raids has caused widespread panic in the Denver undocumented community. The Colorado branch of the ACLU has been a big help to Denver’s undocumented citizens, hosting “Know Your Rights Trainings” and spreading information on ICE raids, the legalities of warrants, and places to seek safety throughout the city. 

Social media users on sites such as Twitter and Facebook have also been spreading the word, posting informative images providing other users with a list of their rights and letting people know if ICE has put up roadblocks in the cities.  

Citizens who are not undocumented have also gotten involved, as allies have been credited with redirecting ICE’s attention. These examples of intervention made headlines in New Orleans on June 24 after a group of nameless individuals slashed the tires of a handful of ICE vehicles. 

Denver city officials have also come out against the Trump administration’s enforcement of ICE. Mayor Michael Hancock commented back in June, when the reports of possible raids in Denver first came out.  

“Denver remains steadfast in our commitment to our immigrant families and those individuals fleeing violence that we are a welcoming city, and that we will never stand for actions that target our residents for political purposes. We will never support the inhumane practice of separating families, nor these roundups, which are only meant to spread fear in our community and district from the utter failures of this White House,” Hancock said in a statement. 

On the Auraria campus, the Metro State Immigrant Services office will be hosting a series of events throughout fall semester, including legal advice sessions. The first of these will be held Sept. 4 from 10 a.m.–12 p.m. 

If someone is currently under investigation or could possibly be a candidate for investigation, contact an immigration lawyer. Resources for contacts can be found by reaching out to your local ACLU at (720) 402-3111.

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