Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

Coming from a small town in Wyoming, I’ve been friends with the same people since I started elementary school. Over the summer, my best friend, that’s been by my side since second grade, got married on her family’s ranch in June. The two of us are probably more like sisters at this point and I was proud to be able to stand by her side as her maid of honor as she married her new partner in life.

I guess somewhere between reflecting on that memory of her tying the knot and now one of my other friends getting engaged, I realized that I’m at an entirely different point in my life than my friends are. Some are starting families with their partners, others are traveling and finding themselves, and some are doing God knows what with their time after we graduated. And all of that’s okay for what they want in life.

I’ve never really been someone who’s needed to find themselves, and have always been independent. I knew where I wanted to go to school, what I wanted to study, where I want to end up in life, and exactly how to get there.

But I never really realized that wasn’t the “norm” until my friends started entering these different stages that I’ve honestly never allotted time for in my “plan” for life. 

But I realized that while my friends are working on remodeling their first homes, I’ll be in my room invested in homework, recording/mixing songs in a studio for the first time, still spending way too much money on concert tickets, and now working as Noise Editor at The Sentry; and there’s nothing wrong with that. My life is perfectly me, and I think we need to learn to stop comparing ourselves to each other and learn how to take our own paths and make our own stories.

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