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An evening with Colorado for Pete

Local supporters gather to watch debate

Fans of democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg gathered to watch first July debate.
Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

On the evening of the first night of July’s Democratic Debates, Denver’s Cap City Tavern, just over Capitol Hill, provided the venue for the local Pete Buttigieg Watch Party. The July 30 event was held by “Colorado for Pete Buttigieg” and attracted a wide range of Democratic supporters, some from as far as Chicago.

The tone in the somewhat snug tavern room and back patio, including some 70 odd attendees, largely reflected the tone of the debate. Watchers of the Tuesday evening discourse may remember moments like Sen. Bernie Sanders throwing his hands up to former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s proposed policies, which were received in jest by the patrons of the watch party. 

Among these patrons was Ike, an active duty serviceman currently in the military. Like most who attended the event, Buttigieg is his preferred candidate, particularly for his “values and character.” Ike also posited that “the most important aspect of the presidency is the tone the president sets,” while also making a comparison between Buttigieg and the management of the current presidential institution. 

Ike relates with Buttigieg as a former serviceman himself and is seeking to fully pull all US troops out of the Middle East. Ike then expressed that he was hoping the candidates would discuss how to handle the current border crisis, acknowledging that “the President faces a myriad of difficulties.”

Another attendee of the watch party, TJ, had been following the Democratic presidential debates for a few months before the July debates. His preference for a moderate candidate, (like Buttigieg, who often discounts “left or right issues”), pointed him towards Buttigieg as well, explaining that he’s “just been really impressed with how intelligent and eloquent he is.” 

TJ wagers that the more progressive candidates like Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are less likely to persist in the race, and that “Bernie Sanders’ moment passed.” 

Jessie, one of the event organizers, felt positively about both the debate and the event itself. Although Buttigieg didn’t receive a lot of talking time in comparison to some of the more well-known candidates, Jesse affirms that “[Buttigieg] knows how to take the moment he does have and use it…for the limited airtime he had.” 

Jessie also contrasted Buttigieg’s answers with many of the other candidates, saying that, “He does a really good job of answering the question.” However, both Jessie and her associate Molly suggested watching some of Buttigieg’s one-on-one interviews, as they reveal more about Buttigieg’s personality and “give more of a sense of his character.” 

Pete Buttigieg for Colorado will also be hosting events throughout August and September, including the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo. They also plan to hold watch parties for the future Democratic debates and can be found on the Colorado for Pete Buttigieg Facebook group and on Instagram @pete4colorado.

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