Which console is best for Animal Crossing?

Illustration: Carter Klassen · The Sentry

Illustration: Carter Klassen · The Sentry
The GameCube is the move

Opinion by Abby Wehrman

The GameCube is the superior device to play Animal Crossing on, forever and always. The nostalgia of winter mornings fighting over whose turn it was to hold the silver controller, the little pitter-patter of the character’s feet on the cobblestone walkways, and the smugness of one Mr. Tom Nook will never lose out to the new versions of Animal Crossing.

For many, it’s the first video game they ever played, and the GameCube was the first console they played it on. At that time, if kids were lucky enough to persuade their moms to get them one, she definitely got them a game that was rated “E for everyone” to go along with it. 

That game was Animal Crossing. 

The GameCube version of the Animal Crossing is one of the originals following the Nintendo 64 version. There are no fancy after titles attached, just “Animal Crossing.” While it wasn’t the first introduction to the now iconic Nintendo characters such as Tom Nook, Mitzi, Ace, Mable and Sable, Mr. Resetti, just to name a few, it can be argued that the GameCube version of Animal Crossing is what made it the popular game people know and love today. 

The gameplay for Animal Crossing on GameCube was so simple and yet so entertaining—at its core, it focuses on themes of independence, growth, leadership, and being a good neighbor.  There aren’t any of the frills attached with the more recent additions to Animal Crossing, such as New Leaf or the Pocket Camp Edition for mobile devices. 

Animal Crossing on GameCube is always a trip down memory lane. It will always have that same twinkling music, the same cottage houses, the same salty attitude of Tom Nook. No matter how many weeds have taken over your town, the characters that live in your own little world will always be there to welcome you home. 

The Nintendo DS is always the best

Opinion by Jaleesia Fobbs

If there is one thing that can be agreed upon in the opponent’s argument, it’s that Animal Crossing is in fact the most fun, simplistic, and peaceful game to ever be created. But to say that the GameCube version is the best version of Animal Crossing is simply incorrect. The Nintendo DS is not only the superior console but the best way to play Animal Crossing and its newer versions. 

Sure, there is a sense of nostalgia attached to the GameCube, but no one can honestly say that they prefer its pixelated graphics over the crisp and clear images found within the DS version. On top of that, the recent version of Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, has only worked to enhance the game altogether by adding features such as being able to swim and dive, taking a boat to an island, customizing the exterior of the avatar’s house, and so much more. The opponent calls these added features “frills,” but they are simply incapable of expanding their horizons from the rural and mundane gameplays found in the GameCube version. Tragic.   

The most obvious reason of why the DS is a better console to play Animal Crossing on is portability. There should be more advocacy around playing Animal Crossing on downtimes because it really is that fun. Having a DS allows people to play it on the train, between classes, or on their lunchbreaks. Sure, people could be using that time to be a little more productive, but people deserve a good break from work and school now and then. Now imagine trying to play Animal Crossing while lugging around a clunky GameCube console, a controller, and those yellow, black, and red wires to set it up. How inconvenient. 

Animal Crossing is fun, yes, but it’s only as fun as the console it’s played on, and that console is not the GameCube. The Nintendo DS is by far the better console for its portability, added features, and clearer images. Also, it’s 2019 for crying out loud. 

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