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Tame Impala | Patience | Single Review

Universal Australia
Rating: Thumbs Up

Tame Impala’s new single “Patience” evokes images of orange vinyl couches slumped against paisley-patterned wallpaper and polyester bell bottoms brushing the shag carpeting. The 70s disco-meets-new-wave vibe emanating from this single is reminiscent of most of Tame Impala’s discography. The punchy keyboard intro gives way to an upbeat drumline and synthesizer background as Kevin Parker’s vocals slide their way into the forefront. While the groovy style catches the ear right off the bat, the lyricism and performance fall flat. The song fades into the background, an unmemorable piece that sets the tone of the atmosphere but does not define it. “Patience” may be a great addition to a lo-fi study playlist, but it doesn’t catch the ear.

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