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Rich The Kid | The World Is Yours 2 | Album Review

Interscope / Rich Forever
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid released his second studio album, The World Is Yours 2, in late March and it is anything but extraordinary.

The 44-minute, 16-song LP features 10-plus prolific artists that are well-known in today’s age of mainstream music. From Gunna, Offset, and Big Sean, to Tory Lanez, NAV, and Ty Dolla $ign, The World Is Yours 2 never defines Rich The Kid as an artist ready to take his career to the next level. Rather, his presence feels more like a feature on his own music instead of those collaborating with him.

The track “Fall Threw,” featuring Gunna and Young Thug, consists of a nice flute-like melody with some heavy bass that flows decently with the rap pace of the featured artists. Because of this, the two carry the song more so than Rich The Kid, with his bars not packing as much of a punch. The second track “Two Cups,” featuring another two artists, Big Sean and Offset, like “Fall Threw,” builds off of Sean’s and Offset’s one-two punch verses with Rich The Kid not fulfilling the trio but instead delivering lazy rhymes and unnecessary swearing.

Yet, like all albums that don’t reach the hype expected of them, some good shines among all that bad. The intro to the album, “The World Is Yours 2 – Intro,” offers audiences a horror-like arrangement with low bass and subtle whistling that fits genuinely with the flow of the young rapper. The track “Save That” refrains the flute-like melody from “Fall Threw” but supersedes its partner in terms of quality.

The World Is Yours 2 feels more like a practice album than an official release. Ultimately, it’s something that can be looked over but is an enjoyable album when it comes to the collaboration tracks. Otherwise, Rich The Kid has a long road to the top.

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