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Khalid | Free Spirit | Album Review

RCA Records
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The second full-length release from Khalid since 2017 premiered on April 5 this year. After the success of his debut album American Teen and release of a short EP, Suncity, to tide fans over, Free Spirit has certainly lived up to the stature of his first record.

Ringing in at just under an hour long, Free Spirit introduces fans to a completely different and more serene vibe than present in American Teen. The album illustrates the growth that Khalid has endured as a person and an artist since triumph of his debut record and turning 21. Just in time for the summer season, Free Spirit lives up to its name and embodies the carefree and placid nature of season.

Combining the usual reverb-heavy electronic central instrumentals with an abundance of live instruments, like electric and acoustic guitar, in tracks like “My Bad,” “Don’t Pretend,” “Hundred,” and “Twenty One,” Khalid introduces a newer, more sophisticated sound to his typically younger audience. 

Other tracks like “Outta My Head” with John Mayer bring fans back to a familiar but still unparalleled sound with catchy hooks, bass, and percussion-heavy instrumentals. Lyrics like, “Just can’t get you outta my head / You locked the door and it’s rainin’ (Just let it rain down) / But baby I’m not complainin’, no / We hit the road and we’re racin’, yeah,” establish the breezy aura surrounding the rest of the record. 

Free Spirit, already taking the music charts by storm, has proved to live up to its predecessor—unlike most sophomore albums from breakout artists. Khalid has asserted himself as a dominating figure in the industry, despite being the budding artist that he is. Tracks from Free Spirit are surely going to take over the airwaves this coming summer with the endless knock-out summer anthems present on the entirety of the 17-track record.

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