P!nk’s seven act extravaganza

P!nk’s tour features out of this world theatrics. Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

P!nk performs at Denver’s Pepsi Center

Oh my gosh, you’re bleeding!” P!nk exclaimed at a fan grasping for P!nk’s hand in the pit engulfed by the rest of her extravagant heart-shaped stage. “I can get you a Band-Aid if you need one, seriously.” P!nk, performing songs anywhere from new and unheard to timeless classics, blanketed the Pepsi Center with an explosion of melodies on April 1, treating concertgoers to both a concert and what was, at times, a Vegas-like production with her iconic aerial acrobatics. 

Kicking off her 21-song, seven-act set, before the curtain even dropped, fans were greeted by a pricelessly comical introduction of a recorder cover of the 20th Century Fox Theme that led directly into P!nk hanging from a crystal chandelier, belting “Get the Party Started.” 

After a few more hits, like “Beautiful Trauma” and “Who Knew,” the show led into the second act with a brief video interlude depicting claymation figures in “Revenge Land”—a morbidly entertaining depiction of “the beautiful trauma that is love,” according to the interlude. Another video interlude took the screens by storm with sultry purple imagery to drive the show into a new, more intimate tone. The first few chords from “Secrets” commenced as a dancer spun around hanging from the top of the stage, later to be joined by P!nk for a steamy and voluptuous aerial performance of the track. 

P!nk’s tour features out of this world theatrics. Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

During her angsty track with Eminem to kick off her heavily rock centered act, P!nk’s performance of “Revenge” brought along more aerial acts along with a giant inflatable Eminem figure to fill in for his absence. “Feel free to lose your minds for the next four minutes,” P!nk said to the crowd as the next song began. Closing out her second act, the crowd did exactly that as she moved into a vehement cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” 

After another Alice in Wonderland themed act peppered with more of P!nk’s endless hit tracks that was closed out with “Just Like Fire” from 2016’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, P!nk drove the spectacle into a more political and feminist centered act with her “Women Are Strong” video interlude. Quickly after the interlude, a fierce performance of “What About Us” launched only to be quickly slowed down to an acoustic set with performances of slower, powerful ballads, like “Barbies.”

Moving into the final acts of the night, P!nk stayed on the theme of feminism with her empowering interlude speaking about her daughter’s insecurities and the idea that people shouldn’t change for others. The show began to wind down with no shortage of energy and angst in performances of “Raise Your Glass” and “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” 

On a rollercoaster of energy, the show dwindled to an end but quickly led back into a flaming encore with a blazing production of “So What” where she floated around the arena, greeting fans that couldn’t be reached from the stage. 

P!nk drew in a crowd from all assortments of ages, genders, and races and managed to put on a show unmatched by any performer in the industry today, bringing in an energy to her songs that one can’t feel in her recordings.

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