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Lil Skies | Shelby | Album Review

Rating: 3 out of 5

Rising up as one of today’s top young mumble rappers in the business, Lil Skies released his second studio album, Shelby.

Known for his hit song “Red Roses” featuring Landon Cube, on his first studio album Life of a Dark Rose, Lil Skies tries to break the barrier as a rapper who can handle his own music career without featuring many prolific artists. However, he falls short of doing so in Shelby.

The opening track, “I”, seems to set the tone of the album with a subtle synthesized melody, rhythmic bass, and tempo to flow with the light auto-tuned voice of Skies. It’s a catchy beat that will have audiences’ heads bopping to it. Yet the beat only lasts so long, losing its flavor through the course of the 14-track album.

The tracks “Breathe” and “Nowadays Pt. 2” reminisce the melody and beat of Lil Skies’ song “Nowadays” on his first album. “Nowadays Pt. 2” resonates more so to part one than “Breathe.” Part two is different due to a lack of bass and is replaced with steady percussion. The rapper’s voice also consists of a heavy dosage of auto-tune, creating a busy and unpleasing song.

However, where there is bad, there is always some good involved. Tracks “Bad Girls” featuring Gucci Mane and “Stop the Madness” featuring Gunna trade bars with Skies, creating a prolific tandem full of rapid pace lyricism and decent rhymes. For example, Gucci Mane raps: “McLaren drivin’ reckless, Trap God, don’t miss you blessin’ / Good girl, come get your lesson, Lil Skies, these bitches tellin’.”

Lil Skies is capable of making catchy music, yet he remains inconsistent when trying to hold his own in solo tracks. When featuring other artists, the songs excel more than those by himself. He’s on the rise but needs some fine-tuning in order to make it to the top.

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