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Wow Records
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Owen Wilson’s musical debut Wow, released on April 1, is a force to be reckoned with in contemporary music. Wilson’s experimental album that features only lyrical melodies and no actual instrumentation proves Wilson’s ability to stand among heavy hitters like Matthew McConaughey’s astronomical hit “Alright, Alright, Alright.”

The lead single off the experimental record introduces listeners to a new side of Wilson with sizzling lyrics like “Wooooow / Wow / Woow / Wooooooooow” that form an intriguing yet surprising hip-hop beat with Wilson’s performance of such vivid lyrical quality. 

Other tracks off the 15-track, two-hour long record like “Wooow” and “Wow Wow,” introduce listeners to Wilson’s ability to snake through various sounds reminiscent of pop and hip-hop. It’s no wonder that Wilson’s tracks have constantly been featured in various movies preceding the release of the full-length album. Tracks like “Wow” and “Guau (Spanish Version)”—that unveils Wilson’s immense talent to a Spanish speaking audience—have been featured time and time again in movies like Cars, Night at the Museum, and Marley & Me

Other tracks like “Woww,” the only track on the album to feature instrumentation, establishes Wilson’s more emotional side with a pop ballad sound. “Woww” provides listeners with emotionally raw lyrics and an alluring string accompaniment to set the somber tone of the five-minute-long track.

Wilson is changing the face of the industry with such a profound and experimental masterpiece, and many are likely to soon follow in his footsteps. Paving the way for those to continue Wilson’s innovations, a new timeless genre was born upon the release of Wow, and the industry is sure to see more like it. Wow is a must listen for any music lover, Wilson’s lyrical quality alone makes the album a jewel in the industry and truly lives up to its name, leaving listeners saying, “Wow.”


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