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Karen & Carol | Can We Speak to the Manager | Album Review

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Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

The breakout record, Can We Speak to the Manager?, from Los Angeles-based rap duo Karen & Carol is a solid, hard-hitting trap banger with no regard for anything even remotely close to human conscience or public decency.

The album is made up entirely of tracks that honestly aren’t productive in any way and seriously just make everyone’s jobs harder for no reason. Tracks like the title track and “I Don’t Care if This Coupon is Expired” feature lyrics that drive home the repressed feelings that both vocalists clearly have, with lines from the latter like “It says online that I can get 16 percent off with the coupon / And I have the coupon so where is my 16 percent off.” Lyrics like these do an impeccable job of illustrating how no one probably even likes them in their lives and both of their marriages are probably falling apart. 

Both Karen and Carol are in sync on many of their verses, which, for some reason, they think gives them the right to come into our restaurant and make a big deal out of nothing. On the song “Going Sicko on the Supervisor,” the duo is able to time their bars with each other so well that it happens right at the end of a shift so half of the staff has to stay behind and deal with their mess while the other shift tries to clock in, and it’s just crackin’. 

The feature from Sharon stands out as well, as she comes in for the last track, “I Am the Manager,” in an attempt to swoop in and save her cohorts with lines like, “We’re going to be late for our hair appointment, and it’s all of your faults.” 

Overall, a well-produced and performed record, but they spent 23 minutes arguing with the shift manager, so it gets one star.


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