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Get rid of the negativity in your life!

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Block your professors on Canvas

The never-ending list of notifications from Canvas disappoints students when they reach for their phone hoping to find a text from their latest crush only to find they have a reminder for the due date of their paper that they have been putting off for the last five weeks. This causes the unnecessary rise in students’ stress levels that are already high enough from balancing school, work, their social life, exercise, eating healthy, sleeping, breathing. They’re just trying to have some positivity in their life by avoiding adult responsibilities, okay? Why do college professors have to ruin that with assignments and messages on Canvas? College students have a life beyond the classroom, you know.

One common New Year’s resolution for people is to cut out toxic relationships and negativity in their lives. It’s the fourth month of 2019, and it’s time for students to seize this resolution. Blocking professors on Canvas or deleting their account all together will cut out some of the worst toxic relationships students can have in their lives. No assignments, no reminders, no messages, no worries.

Students already have to attend class during the week, sometimes even starting as early as 3:30 in the afternoon. They don’t need school and professors bleeding into their personal lives through Canvas. If students care enough, they already know what they have to do outside of the classroom, and the ones who don’t care don’t need the extra reminders about how they’re falling behind. Let them binge the newest Netflix series, look at their curated Instagram feed, and eat their five-star ramen in peace!

Yes, students are enrolled to go to school here, but they have also been promised that their college years will be the best years of their lives. They simply can’t revel in these years when they have toxic relationships on Canvas. According to Lifehack, being in a toxic relationship “prevents personal growth,” doesn’t allow for the person to have an opportunity to replace it with a healthier one, and is downright unhealthy. Students need personal growth to figure out who they are and what they want to do during a confusing part of their life. They can have healthier relationships with the roommates they just want to move out or the people they haven’t talked to in years from high school, even the crush who doesn’t know they exist. And, if college students are going to be healthy in one way, it’s certainly going to be getting rid of the negativity in their lives.

All the signs point to it—block professors or delete Canvas.

The better life that students have been waiting for is just one step away. Stop scrolling through pointless Canvas notifications and start optimizing your phone and laptop usage for those healthier relationships previously mentioned. Ridding of toxic relationships on Canvas will lower stress levels and increase positivity. Students need to avoid the real world for as long as they can, enjoying their free time and putting some truth to that “Living my best life” filter.



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