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Feel the most alive when faced with entrapment

Maybe it’s an escape room, maybe it’s a college party.
Photo: Madison Daley · The Sentry

Denver’s best escape rooms

Escape rooms have recently become all the rage for a  fun night out. What says fun like being trapped in a small space, scavenging for clues for how to get out, all the while battling the anxiety of whether or not getting out is even possible?

If that sounds like the premier way to spend time with family, friends, or a date, these escape rooms across Downtown Denver are sure to create the sought-after experience of heightened anxiety caused by entrapment.

The random party full of strangers your friend brings you to and then abandons you at.

For this one, it won’t be clues for how to get out that will be searched for but rather the friend that brought you! Weasel through packs of strangers talking way too loud, searching for the one person who is the key to escape. If that sounds too easy, wait until the random drunk girl who tries to explain an intensely political topic and won’t let you continue the search!

A baby shower for that coworker you barely know.

This escape room may be one of the most complex escape rooms to visit in Denver. Before going, decide how much money should be spent on a gift for a child you will never meet and a woman you barely know. Once arriving with pre-anxiety, attempt to engage in mindnumbing small talk with the coworkers you try so hard to avoid while at work that must be faced during the only time off.

An electronica concert.

Imagine this: another tiny room with only two small exits, packed to the brims with sweaty, dancing, and probably high people. Weave through the crowd to find the bathroom, all the while dodging sloshing beers and random guys trying to get you to dance with them.

The trunk of a stranger’s car.

This escape room may be abnormal, but nothing gets the heart rate pumping and the mind searching for escape quite like being in a trunk. Here’s a tip: Punch out that brake light and wave to get the community around engaged in the fun!


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