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Office of the Provost announces seven changes for campus

Grade forgiveness coming soon to CU Denver

Students can now repeat up to 18 credit hours.
Illustration: Phong Nguyen · The Sentry

After reviewing University policies in a semi-annual process, the Office of the Provost announced seven changes to University administrative policies. Five policies have been updated, one has been rescinded, and one has been newly enacted by efforts of CU Denver’s Student Government Association. One new policy in particular, grade forgiveness, will affect CU Denver students looking to improve their GPA.

This new grade forgiveness policy began as a student idea voiced to SGA. After hearing the idea while campaigning, last year’s executive team, Grecia Portillo and Aleena Sarwana, began the process of researching the proposal. Their research built upon previous attempts from SGA to enact a grade forgiveness policy throughout the University. After presenting their research to higher administration, followed by more research, more presentations, and more meetings, their initiative was approved in April of last year.

“Once you see it go through, it’s really amazing,” Aleena Sarwana, current chair of SGA’s Events and Planning Committee and last year’s Vice President, said. “It’s really nice to see faculty and higher administration take an interest in this.”

Administration hesitated to approve the grade forgiveness policy, fearing it would weaken the credibility of the University. However, after a speech from Portillo and Sarwana, the policy was unanimously approved.

All undergraduate students will be able to replace below average grades in their courses when repeating the class. Students will be able to repeat up to 18 credit hours for courses in which they received below a C-. When repeating the class, their new grade for the course will replace the old one in their GPA, but it will not replace the old grade on their transcript. The policy will go into effect on July 1, 2019. Currently, the Office of the Registrar and administration are working to update transcripts and University processes to allow the policy to work effectively.

Beyond the grade forgiveness policy, the Office of the Provost has rescinded the University’s canvassing policy for individuals or groups visiting campus. The University defines canvassing as soliciting a donation, signature for a petition, personal contact information, or distributing any tangible item. Previously, the policy allowed canvassing only for events arranged in accordance with other University policies. Now, the restrictions on the time allowed for canvassing or where on campus canvassing can occur have been removed.

The five policies revised address food and drink, distinguished professorships, faculty being awarded the emeritus/emerita title, and two updates regarding non-tenured faculty. All policies began effect on Jan. 1, 2019 except for one policy regarding non-tenured faculty, which will take effect April 1, 2019.

Some of the recent policy changes may seem far off for some CU Denver students, but these changes show the importance of student input when considering how CU Denver should operate. Without student input and effort, the grade forgiveness policy would not exist.

“A ton of work went into it,” Sarwana said. “But it really speaks to what students can do when we work with faculty and higher administration. When we all work together, we can get a lot done.”

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