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Dylan Streight | No Symmetry | Single Review

Self Released
Rating: Thumbs Up

Dylan Streight’s new single, “No Symmetry,” reflects the wondrous works of local musicians here in Denver. A song that is both emotional and relaxing, it’s about the longing of someone who he once loved and how much they are needed in his life. Streight sings, “Of all I’ve got, it’s you I just can’t live without.” Streight’s raspy, soothing vocals flow fluently with the calm and mellow tone of the beat in “No Symmetry.” Light, simple percussion mixed with the sound of high piano keys and a synthesized guitar generate a euphonic atmosphere. It’s reminiscent of the sound and work of Khalid yet better in the sense that it is very diverse in the use of instrumentals. “No Symmetry” is a great song to enjoy and vibe with.

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