Student Spotlight: Nikki Giron

Nikki Giron releases her new EP

Nikki Giron consists of multiplicities. As a singer, songwriter, triple instrumentalist, entrepreneur, and a CU Denver music business major her paths within music are seemingly endless and growing. Her debut EP, Heart Behind Bars, came out March 1, a two-year process she recalls as “A lot of work but it was definitely worth it.”

Her love for music began young and expanded from there, a childhood dream of being a singer becoming a reality. Her grandmother played a fundamental role in introducing her to one of her earliest influences. “When I was like six or seven, she showed me Elvis Presley, and it changed my life… at that moment, even when I was that young, I was like that’s exactly what I want to do,” Giron said.

Nikki Giron Tackles love in her new EP. Photo: Victoria Moffat · The Sentry

Her instrumental abilities began with piano at a young age, reaching to the saxophones around middle school and recently learning with guitar. With the saxophone, Giron is attempting to incorporate more of the instrument into her music, something that she feels “Makes [her] kind of unique as a singer/songwriter, [she’s] trying to use that as a tool and build around it.”

Giron seeks to inspire others. Using her knowledge and experience, she’s started her own business doing social media services for bands. She expressed, “I want to help out other bands and other artists that are having trouble reaching people and having trouble figuring out how to do things on a business level.” Her music career has taken on its own vibrant form in both a business and artistic sense, both worlds she hopes to continue in. 

Her recent EP, Heart Behind Bars, demonstrates her exploration of sound and genres over two years, mainly written about relationship experiences. Giron has always believed in finishing what she’s started, describing the songs as, “Older but they were me at one point, and I think I learned a lot from the process.” 

The EP begins with the song “Feel the Same,” a song that touches on more pop roots and features longing lyrics coupled with melodic vocals. Seemingly bouncy instrumentals fade in from static to introduce the lyrics, “I know that I’m not a saint.” Acoustic guitar flows throughout the song, strumming next to higher instrumental notes that delicately line lyrics like, “I still feel the same.” The rest of the song alternates between the two melodies. 

“Time Goes By” features a sultry saxophone dance that soon leads into a more upbeat guitar and drum beat. The lyrics paint a catchy story of the aftermath of a past relationship and how quickly things move on. Many people can relate to wanting something to stay the same until it no longer can, and things must move on. This is a vibe Giron tackles perfectly with her alternations between slower more yearnful parts of the song before jumping back into the upbeat melodies, “God knows I tried…”

The title track “Heart Behind Bars” defines the EP and the artist. A distinct and alluring mix of two soulful genres, moody blues flawlessly intertwined with jazzy lyrics. The song not only features a seamless mix of harmonies but pairs them with the sonorous vocals throughout the piece. The song ends reverberant and resonating.

The EP, a euphonic mix of instruments and soulful lyrics, promises more good music to come and is available on all music platforms.

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