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Dizzy Wright | Champagne Service | Single Review

Funk Volume
Rating: Thumbs Up

On March 1, Dizzy Wright released his single “Champagne Service.” Wright came up in Las Vegas, where he made a name as a stoner’s rapper. His new song features the lyricist moving swiftly over a stripped-down beat that bumps between a stand-up bass line and an actual drum kit. “Champagne Service” exudes attitude. After releasing his mixtape in 2011, Wright signed with Hopsin’s label Funk Volume. He’s made a name for himself going the independent route and has certainly earned some bragging rights. With lyrics like, “I represent the culture, boy, you been sleep / Nobody cares, I’m workin’ hard, I let the pen speak,” Wright reminds people that lyricism comes before the lifestyle. His new bop, “Champagne Service,” will satisfy anyone who knows the difference.

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