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Daily Archives: March 13, 2019

Tenia Nelson Trio soothes the soul

TNT Plays the Women in Jazz lunch at Dazzle Dazzle, Denver’s premier jazz club, will host a Friday lunch featuring Women in Jazz throughout the months of March and April. The lunches produced by Annie Booth celebrate the unique perspectives of female players and vocalists.

Is Alita: Battle Angel worth the price of admission?

A pure special effects funhouse Opinion by Austin Bolton Alita: Battle Angel follows the story of a cyborg girl (spoiler: it’s Alita) who, after being scrapped and thrown away, is rebuilt by a doctor. Alita explores the metropolis of Iron City in the year 2563

Student Spotlight: Nikki Giron

Nikki Giron releases her new EP Nikki Giron consists of multiplicities. As a singer, songwriter, triple instrumentalist, entrepreneur, and a CU Denver music business major her paths within music are seemingly endless and growing. Her debut EP, Heart Behind Bars, came out March 1, a

Guest Column

I’m not good at beginnings, so here it goes: recently, a family friend of mine died, and I’m still processing it. He was 21 years old (same age as me), and we went to school together from kindergarten through most of high school. My whole

Review: Captain Marvel is a welcome fresh face to the MCU

Marvel’s first female-led film takes spectacular flight Higher, further, faster. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) expands further into the cosmos with its first female-led superhero film, Captain Marvel. Soaring towards an opening weekend debut of $155 million, Captain Marvel is a mesmerizing, action-packed adventure that


What’s got your goat? As I sit in bed, I watch my shadow, projected by a small bedside lamp onto the wall. It’s huge. My head alone must’ve grown four times the size as the one I watch with. Then again, doesn’t everybody’s? “Projection,” writes

John Legend | Preach | Music Video Review

Columbia Rating: Thumbs Up John Legend calls urgent attention to issues affecting the justice system in his latest music video for his single “Preach,” challenging viewers to turn tragedy into change. As Legend sings about the normality of social issues, viewers watch students run from

Dizzy Wright | Champagne Service | Single Review

Funk Volume Rating: Thumbs Up On March 1, Dizzy Wright released his single “Champagne Service.” Wright came up in Las Vegas, where he made a name as a stoner’s rapper. His new song features the lyricist moving swiftly over a stripped-down beat that bumps between