Raul’s Report: Another survey? Oh, yes!

Raul Cardenas, Ph.D. CU Denver Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Raul Cardenas, Ph.D.
CU Denver Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Make a difference and participate

Actually, it’s even better than that. Right now, the University’s not just participating in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), it’s also participating in the National College Health Assessment (NCHA). Each is requesting responses from a certain segment of our student population in an effort to elevate our student services based on real-life student experiences and needs.

The NSSE is available to most for-credit freshmen and seniors. If you’re among that group, you received a link to the survey in your University inbox on Thursday, Feb. 21. You can also access it through your Student Portal.

For the NCHA, eligible degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students received a link to the assessment in their University inbox on Sunday, March 3. It was sent from ncha.web with the subject line “CU Denver Health & Wellness Assessment.”

In both cases, students who participate could win some really cool stuff. NSSE participants who submit their responses before Friday, April 12 will be entered into a drawing for one of several $100 Amazon gift cards. An REI bike and iPads are among the prizes students who take the NCHA could win when they respond by the deadline on Friday, March 22.

So, why take the time? It’s simple, really. This is your chance to make a difference and impact future generations of CU Denver students. Former students took the surveys to make your CU Denver a better, more supportive place, and now it’s your turn to pay it forward.

NSSE surveys students once every three years to get a snapshot of student engagement, gathering feedback on experiences and interactions in and out of the classroom with faculty, fellow students, and University services. Among other things, NSSE responses in the past have helped elevate our advising services.

NCHA assesses student health and well-being to ensure that your holistic, whole-person, all-encompassing health and wellness needs are being met. Why should we guess at the services we think you require when you can let us know yourself?

Students tell me their complaints. They tell me their grand ideas. Sometimes that’s enough to get change started, but the survey and the assessment are the best way we know to gather all the feedback together for data-driven response and campus-wide improvements.

Have I convinced you? If you’re eligible for both surveys, I encourage you to take them both. They’re very different, and your answers will help improve our University on many levels.

I think you’ll agree that CU Denver is already a great place. Now is  your chance to make it even better.
Belong. Be well. Success is our goal.

Raul Cardenas, Ph.D.

CU Denver Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Vice Chancellor for Student Development Raul Cardenas, Ph.D., is devoted to student success, enjoys sharing a good laugh, loves commencement, and leads a staff committed to providing the best student experience possible. Raul invites students to schedule a conversation with him. Email bonnie.hixson@ucdenver.edu for an appointment.

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