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Recently, I took a shower with kettle water. Campus Village has had a series of conflicts within their water system. For the past few weeks, we, as residents, have received multiple emails from the Campus Village staff warning us that the water was being turned off due to the flooding of the West wing.

Last Thursday night, after a busy day off, I wanted nothing less than a long, hot shower to ease my stress. I found myself standing in my dorm bathroom, shower turned on, as I waited for the water to heat up. I finally reached my hand toward the stream of water only to find that it was terribly cold.

After shutting off the water and checking my phone, I found an email that slipped from my attention that coincidentally warned the Campus Village community of the hot water shutoff.

I was determined to take a shower and would not give up in the desire to wash away the stressful day. After some moments of contemplation, I took trips, back and forth, from my kitchen and back into my bathroom, filling any vessels I could find with water I heated from my newly purchased electric tea kettle.

While standing in the large Tupperware container that I usually use for recycling, I lifted the assortment of jars, bottles, and buckets over my head and poured down the heated water. Once I ran out of water, I simply took one of my tea mugs and scooped up the runoff water in the Tupperware container and poured it, again, over my body.

My shower went well. I commend my resilience and creativity in a time of need, but it wasn’t until I was boasting my accomplishment to a friend that she told me that the hot water was going to be turned back on just a few minutes after I had finished my kettle shower.

Guest columns are written by The Sentry staff writers to give them the experience of writing  an editorial and the platform to share their stories.

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