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Baby Goth | Baby Goth | Album Review

Republic Record
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Baby Goth’s debut self-titled record will likely end up being one of the most mediocre releases of the year. With very few redeemable qualities, Baby Goth is a mere 21 minutes of repetitive, poorly executed trap beats and disinterested vocal performances. 

The album’s main shortcomings stem from the fact that every song sounds almost exactly the same and soon becomes a monotonous chore to get through. Quite literally, every track seems to have the same beat, each also sounding like it was recorded in the same bathroom stall as the last. Baby Goth will take one mind-numbing hook and repeat it for maybe 70 percent of an entire track. 

The most grueling example of this comes through on “Mary,” which has a confounding melody that sounds like it was meant to emulate the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” but with only about half of the correct notes. 

While a good feature provides a fresh perspective that uplifts an album, the features on Baby Goth are regrettably just as unbearable as the rest of the record. Lil Xan and Trippie Redd jump in on “Swimming,” a vain song about luxury brands, with both features containing unfortunately incomprehensible vocal performances and even more confusing lyrics. 

Despite Baby Goth’s inability to develop any interesting songs as a whole, some aspects of the record are worth mentioning. While the aforementioned drum beats are tinny and annoying, the record still contains some decent instrumental and bass tones, like on “Gleamy.” Lyrics on this track, while still largely forgettable, are distinctly feminine—somewhat flipping traditional female gender ideas, something absent in the male-centric trap/hip-hop world. 

However, the album’s major faults still determine it as a weak, boring release. Maybe future, more substantial efforts from Baby Goth will prove more exciting, but for now, Baby Goth isn’t worth the listen.

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