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Monthly Archives: February 2019

The Plot Thickens

Home Medley The Chipotle I work at plays mostly indie pop songs and remixes that I’m sure some guy in an office somewhere curated into a playlist with a title like “songs that won’t offend anyone while they eat their burrito.” Usually, I’m not bothered

Should people go to opening acts?

They’re part of the experience Opinion by Kennedy Erhart Opening acts are an increasingly significant factor of the concert-going experience.  While opening acts often lack in performing experience, they shouldn’t be undermined when it comes to concert attendance. After all, everyone’s favorite artist had to

The Call of the Void

No Regerts I think I’ve made a grave mistake and, quite frankly, I’m stuck. Kind of like that feeling you get when you’re sick and you feel like you’re dying, and you can’t even help yourself. Hopeless is the word I’m looking for. I have developed

Good is not a word to describe Campus Village

Flooding and hot water  plague the residency Campus Village accommodates for a lot of amenities, such as parking, utilities, laundry facilities, and even a dining hall. Compared to the standard of living in Denver, which can be difficult to make a decent living off of

Participatory budgeting addressing student needs

Students voted for campus improvements Auraria Participatory Budgeting (APB) is a campus initiative that makes Auraria the first college campus in Colorado to implement a project involving students directly in the spending of a grant to improve their college experience. This Machine Has a Soul,

Denver’s tiny house village

Tiny homes serve as potential homelessness solution It hasn’t been an easy journey for the 11 little 8×12 homes of the Beloved Community Village. Pioneering a housing forward concept in the city of Denver, the village has established itself as a place to get people