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The Call of the Void

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“The L Word”

Like many people, I wear flannels for their comfort over their style, (much like people who wear Crocs wear them for their comfort because Crocs are an atrocious form of footwear and give you really bad tan spots). Anyway, it seems that my love for flannel, and my comfy casual style in general, has caused some problems for me regarding my sexuality.

Let’s be clear: I wear flannels, oversized shirts, knee-length jackets, and 80s mom jeans because I like to be comfy. Yet, lately, (and this has been a recent issue in my life) people have associated my wardrobe with the fact that I must be a lesbian. First of all, where is the correlation? How does a lesbian dress? What does that even mean? Secondly, this assumption just attributes to the mainstream stereotype that lesbians wear flannel and drive a Forest Green Subaru Forester. Stop it. Get some help.

I have never put so much thought into my sexuality until recently, mostly because I have always identified as a straight woman. This all started in junior year of high school when my friend and I  were talking about prom, and she apparently heard me say, “I might just borrow a dress from my girlfriend.” I don’t have a clear memory of this interaction, but I know I didn’t say that, and for MONTHS she thought I had a girlfriend before she finally asked and was surprised when I was confused.   

Since then, I’ve been receiving a stream of comments and questions of people assuming or asking if I’m a lesbian. So much so I have even asked people myself if I give them “lesbian vibes” because I am genuinely curious to know how people attribute my wardrobe to my sexuality. It’s a funny thing really, how we assume people’s identity based on how they dress. 

My friends think I’m on the verge of coming out. And quite frankly, I am too because I’m not a lesbian. I even told my mom about these series of events and while she dismissed the idea with a laugh, and a “That’s funny,” even SHE told me that she’d love me regardless of how I identify. 

Tomorrow I’m wearing a sweatshirt and Birkenstocks. I love Birkenstocks.

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