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Daily Archives: February 13, 2019

The fall of Denver’s feature festivals

Velorama and Grandoozy will not return in ‘19 Denver’s first major music festivals, Grandoozy and Velorama, have announced that they will not be returning to the Mile High city in 2019. While the former suggested that their departure will only be a temporary “hiatus” and

Mayhem and metal at the Roxy

Metal Mayhem features local metal bands Colorado’s metal scene lacks big names but remains deeply talented. Fans displayed plenty of battle vests, long hair, and black T-shirt collections at Metal Mayhem, a local metal showcase put on at the Roxy Theatre on Feb. 1. Each

J. Cole | Middle Child | Single Review

Dreamville Records, Roc Nation, & Interscope Records Rating: Thumbs Up A year since the release of his album KOD, J. Cole released a banger with his new single “Middle Child.” The melody starts with a clean and steady tempo that remains consistent throughout its runtime. The

Vampire Weekend | Harmony Hall/2021 | Single Review

Columbia Rating: Thumbs Up After six years of silence, indie rock combo Vampire Weekend has released brand new singles “Harmony Hall” and “2021.” The former and more substantial track features a baroque-influenced guitar solo, afro-pop rhythms, and Ezra Koening’s breathy timbre—all attributes of a classic

Beirut | Gallipoli | Album Review

4AD Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Globally-influenced indie rock staple Beirut returns. Throughout Beirut’s musical career, they have proven their consistency. What they are now is nearly identical to Gulag Orkesrar in 2006. Their pre-established sound is pure comfort. Gallipoli takes listeners on a

Review: As Long As We Both Shall Live

Local author’s second book is twisted, investigative fun Matt and Marie have been married for 20 years and are looking to rekindle their marriage. They plan a romantic getaway into Rocky Mountain National Park for a weekend full of fresh air, breathtaking views, and falling

Are vinyl records overrated?

Records are an experience Opinion by Sam Weigel Since the so-called “vinyl boom” a couple of years back, the skinny black disks have been unfairly criticized as they regain mainstream appeal.  While the high level of sound quality is cited as the more pretentious appeal

Boy Harsher | Careful | Album Review

NUDE CLUB Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars The self-described dark electronic band Boy Harsher released their new album Careful on Feb. 1. Despite gothic influences, the new album falls closer to classic new-wave bands, like New Order or Depeche Mode but retains a certain

The Call of the Void

“The Chaser” If you could buy any kind of love potion what would it be? Perhaps you’ll settle for Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the (Harry Potter) universe, or perhaps it would be a potion curated from Love-in-Idleness from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s

Stop hating on Valentine’s Day

A day of love should not be associated with hate  Once upon a time, Valentine’s Day had evolved to symbolize a day of romance. Today, it is notoriously defined by cards, chocolates, and flowers, causing the day itself and the connotations that accompany it to