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The Call of the Void

Photo Credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry

Death by Diminuendo

The first song I learned by simply hearing it being played on the piano was “Fur Elise” by Beethoven. It’s probably one of my greatest accomplishments as a child (not to humble brag or anything), and my parents thought I was some piano prodigy. Well, they thought too highly of me because it’s the only classical piece I can play and a few jingles here and there. Not the point. 

I recently went antiquing (ya’ know just girly things) and was on the hunt for two things: a pocket compass and a music box. I want a pocket compass so I can not only pretend I’m Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, but I liked the idea of a compass pointing you in the direction to something you desire the most (not that compasses work that way). 

Anyway, I wanted a music box because I find them slightly unsettling but also very cute. And lo and behold, the antique gods presented me with a small and dainty beauty that was decorated in an adornment of flowers and hearts and was Tiffany blue. And the song: “Fur Elise.” It was a match made in heaven to say the least. 

But, like many antique items I own, I am thoroughly convinced that this gem is very much haunted. Naturally, this just adds to the haunting aura that resonates throughout my dorm. And not that I want to get into the whether or not I believe in ghosts conversation again, (check out my Oct. 17 column) but I feel like I have some definitive proof this time (more or less). 

The song itself plays at an unusually slow pace compared to its original pace, and at night, I hear it winding itself up. Now, now, hear me out, it may not seem like much proof, but you can’t deny that’s not not creepy? Right? 

I wish I could tell you why I do this to myself because I definitely did not have to buy that music box. But it was a steal, in my defense, and too good to pass on. I’m probably going to die, but that’s okay too.

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