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Behind the scenes with student fees

This spring semester, SGA wants to encourage every student to begin researching what their student fees are providing them here on campus. It is imperative to understand what you are paying for and the ways in which these fees can make life so much easier for you during your stay here.

To start, SGA is fully funded by student fees. That is to say, the hourly pay of SGA members, the operating costs of the Association, and the funding expenses for Student Organizations are all derived from student fees. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that students at large keep in touch with their SGA representatives. Without a constant connection between students and representatives, SGA will not be able to answer concerns to help improve the student experience. SGA is currently conducting numerous outreach initiatives by way of the Senate. Through the Student Fee Review Committee’s Facebook Live Q & A on March 19 at 5:00 p.m., Legislation and Outreach’s Student Outreach Week, and the numerous events provided by Events and Planning, this semester has potential to be the single largest semester for outreach in the history of SGA.

The Sentry is also fully funded by student fees, meaning the information that is provided to you by this paper is all the more important to you as students. To maximize the fees going to this paper, consider reaching out to the editing staff (listed inside the front cover) to get important stories about the student experience on their radars.

While students tend to be aware of the names of these offices and resources that they pay for, they rarely know, not only how much they pay for them, but more insidiously, that they pay for them directly at all. Beyond participating in outreach initiatives or reading the newspaper, it is of the utmost importance that you as a student research what you are paying for and what it means for your experience on campus. Consider visiting to see how the CU system generates its revenue, and also consider reaching out to the Student Fee Review Committee by visiting the Student Government Office in Tivoli #301 to learn about the allocation of student fees here on campus.

These resources and so many more exist to make your experience at CU Denver as meaningful as possible, so do not let your fees go to waste. Please stop by the SGA office to begin asking these questions about your fees, and until then, we wish you  nothing but the best for the semester.


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