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The Call of the Void

Photo Credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Why are we so fascinated with life after death? We often see this in movies: People who die and are brought back to life are not the same people we grew together with and once loved. They are cold. Distant. Their soul has moved on, and they become an empty shell of a human being.

But what happens after we pass? It’s interesting to see what people believe will happen. And I’ve heard many iterations. Some people believe that we pass on to an empty void. Just black. Nothing. Others believe we take a long rest. Sleeping until judgment day comes. In Catholicism, they believe in what is known as Purgatory where the individual would be cleansed of the sins that had not been fully satisfied during life, until a divine entity judges whether or not we go to heaven or be granted an eternal life. Immortal and rid of corruption.

Or perhaps it would be like Dante’s Inferno as we perish in the nine circles of Hell. (Jeremy, our design editor, thinks I would be in Lust because I’m the least intimate person I know). But sometimes I think about eternally living in what is practically a foggy space of nothing. Places like Limbo where my unbaptized soul would just reside. What would that feel like? Being dead? Would I be dead? What would it feel like to die? Dead men tell no tales, I guess. So, I’ll just guess.

Personally, I like to believe it would be something like J.K. Rowling’s “Tale of the Three Brothers” where I would greet death as an old friend, gladly departing my life as equals. I wish we could all greet Death like that; I find it hauntingly beautiful. But sadly, Death could come riding on its Pale Horse leaving no survivors for whoever crosses its path.

In Greek Mythology, we pay the boatman for safe passage to the Underworld by placing coins over the eyes of the dead (although some might say it’s so they don’t enter the Underworld blind).

But perhaps, and hear me out, it’ll be like The Sims and I’ll just hang around as a ghost. When the Grim Reaper comes to take another, we’ll catch up and hang out for a bit.

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