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The Rule of Three

I‘m approaching this semester like a ghost pepper. After a season on stress and anger, I need to be cautious about how I treat myself and others. The two are closely intertwined, and as soon as you make a decision with one, you’ll start to compound the effect on the other.

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If I take my stress out on others, I need to remember that they’ll take their’s out on me. People are receptacles like that. If you fill them up with negativity, then all they’ll have to give back is that same negativity, and most people get filled up from a number of sources.

The effect is exponential. When their co-workers, bosses, and fellow drivers all act like assholes, it’s hard not to be an asshole in return.

Recently, I took my boyfriend to a hardcore concert. He generally listens to smooth jazz or Fleetwood Mac, so a bunch of angry political bands screaming through a professional PA system messed with his psychology. He was upset for the following 24 hours.

For me, loud, angry music is a way to release all the pent up aggression I foster during the week. For someone who isn’t quick to anger, all that negativity can really drag someone into their own personal purgatory. It makes me wonder if I ever drag anyone in there myself.

There’s a teaching in Wicca called the Rule of Three that states whatever one gives they shall receive threefold. It’s a reminder to go lightly through the world. Wherever one walks, they should go with good intentions.

For once, I’m walking into a semester where my class load is minimal and everything I’m doing I’m excited about. Receiving so much good luck, I know it’s my responsibility to return my happiness threefold. Though the pitfalls in my life persist, I wanted to proceed cautiously and spread positivity to those in my life.

I’m approaching this semester like a ghost pepper. I’m approaching this semester with cautious excitement. I’m approaching this semester with good intentions in my heart.

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