Tastiest milkshakes in Denver

Their milkshakes bring all the Denverites to 5280. Photo: Mailys Steiblen · The Sentry

Their milkshakes bring all the Denverites to 5280.
Photo: Mailys Steiblen · The Sentry
The sweetest of the sweet

Milkshakes are a classic dessert that remind people of old-school diners as they slurp down the delicious confection. Fortunately, for those who live in Denver, there are two places downtown that offer both tasty milkshakes and the diner experience.

Sam’s No. 3 on 15th and Curtis, an easy 15 minutes walk away from campus, whips up a mint chocolate chip milkshake that contains just the right amount of minty flavor that adds a subtle hint of freshness to the chocolate shavings blended in.

For those who prefer not to struggle to get their milkshakes through the straw, this is the place to go, as there is plenty of milk added to thin out the ice cream. The thinness of the milkshake though is still quite filling due to the shareable sizes at Sam’s No. 3. While the 12-ounce milkshake can appease a dessert hankering, the full-size milkshake will satisfy the biggest sweet tooth. 

Another option to try a milkshake is 5280 Burger Bar, located in the Denver Pavilions, which is 19 minutes away from campus and can be reached via the free 16th St mall Ride. The tempting aroma of this ice cream shop attached to a restaurant can be smelled from outside and lures customers to savor a delicious treat.

This place blends a rich, thick Belgian chocolate milkshake with chocolate shavings as sprinkles. The dessert gives a twist to the original chocolate milkshake, as it adds a new flavor to the already iconic chocolate taste that people enjoy.

A bonus of 5280 is it uses house-made ice cream, setting the flavor of the milkshakes to a higher standard.

Both of these restaurants serve some of the tastiest milkshakes in Denver and should be added to everyone’s list of places to try. Whether the milkshakes serve as a quick treat or a late-night snack, they will be sure to go beyond filling a sweet craving.

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