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Denver’s thriftiest thrift store

Lucky finds draw some to thrifting.
Photo: John Mazzetta · The Sentry

Arc store on Colfax and Pierce

With this generation’s teens and young adults quickly rejecting fast fashion in exchange for local thrift shops, the hunt is always on for which shop has the best finds. Although it can be difficult to find the perfect place to thrift, what with all of the criteria to consider, Denver has a healthy selection. 

The best of the best, however, is the Arc located on Colfax and Pierce Street.

The store is huge and filled to the brim with interesting pieces of clothing, furniture, and home décor. With such an expansive collection of items, there is no way one could go in and not leave with something of value. 

Boxes of old records, dozens of pairs of cowboy boots, hundreds of weird turtle necks, vintage letterman jackets, ancient lamps, creepy dolls, floor-length cheetah print overcoats, and a very disturbing painting of an owl winking are just a handful of examples of the oddities that can be found in the Arc. 

Best of all, the Arc on Colfax isn’t ridiculously priced. While the ease of finding cool things at a more hipster thrift shop like Buffalo Exchange can be appealing, the hunt for a good deal can be more so, especially for college students. 

It is more than likely that shoppers will leave with a few good pieces for under 20 bucks at the Arc. 

As a nice plus, the location is spectacular. Who wouldn’t want to go to a thrift shop that’s in the same strip mall as Casa Bonita? 

Also within the strip mall is a Dutch Bros. coffee shop, Colorado’s newest and best addition to the coffee craze. It’s almost criminal to not grab some coffee before heading to the Arc, just a couple feet away.

Thrifting has quickly become the most common way for this generation to showcase creativity in fashion. So, when looking for a place that has everything, including Casa Bonita, go down to the Arc on Colfax.

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