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Photo credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry


Photo credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry                                                                                             Leisure Editor Alexander Elmore is always watching.

The Sentry is known by CU Denver students as a weekly newspaper, but it is much more than that. Behind the scenes, The Sentry is composed of dedicated and witty staffers who share good laughs during their Tuesday and Thursday meetings. These best moments are worth sharing with the loyal readers of the newspaper. 

Over the summer, the first official meeting for the editors welcomed a last-minute celebration for our Editor-in-Chief, Tessa Blair, to recognize her promotion to the highest position at the newspaper. After strenuous effort of trying to get her out of the office to surprise her, the rest of the staff rushed to put up decorations. With Tessa being a big fan of The Office, it was only natural for the room to be decorated with a revised “It Is Your Birthday” banner that was supposed to read “It Is Your First Day as Editor” but ended up as: “It Is Your Edito” due to a lack of time. The decorations were completed with white streamers hung from every pipe and wall in the office and half blown up, dull-colored balloons strewn about. Tessa was pleased to see the office representing her favorite TV show, and the decorations are still up four months later. 

On two separate occasions, editors who have graduated came to visit the current editors during the Tuesday production meetings. Former Leisure Editor Ashley Kim and former Photo Editor Bobby Jones brightened the day of their Sentry friends who will soon follow in their footsteps of graduating. Both Ashely and Bobby were impressed with the new design of the newspaper and expressed how they miss being a part of the staff. This proves that The Sentry goes beyond  being just a job and provides its workers with close friendships. 

Some of the best moments of the year also took place during the pitch meetings on Thursday nights. While the Editor-in-Chief, Tessa Blair, and Managing Editor, Jaleesia Fobbs, were at a conference for the newspaper during a pitch meeting, which was exciting in and of itself to showcase the school paper, the rest of The Sentry staff tried to conduct business as usual to the best of their ability. Leisure Editor Alexander Elmore took control of the infamous gavel in the office, which is meant to get people’s attention but actually ends up scaring them instead, and stepped up to do the stressful job of writing every single pitch on the white board in front of everyone. With the help of Alexander and the other editors, the meeting was essentially organized chaos that turned out to be an overall success. 

It’s moments like these that are full of laughs and fond memories and a glimpse into the life at The Sentry. The staff cannot wait to see what the next year will bring.


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