Weirdest Celebrity Beef

Lana Del Rey (left) and Azealia Banks (right). Photo courtesy of Capital XTRA

Lana Del Rey vs. Azealia Banks

This year has been a pretty crazy one as far as celebrity beef goes. There was Cardi B performing her signature move, throwing her shoe at none other than Nicki Minaj. There was the intense and revealing diss track battle between Pusha T and Drake. There was even a brief but memorable back and forth between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Although interesting, not a single one of these fights can compare to what is probably the weirdest celebrity beef of all time: Lana Del Rey vs. Azealia Banks.

Lana Del Rey (left) and Azealia Banks (right). Photo courtesy of Capital XTRA

Their beef started over one of Kanye West’s Instagram posts, in which he had pictured himself wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

Del Rey took offense to this and commented a lengthy statement under West’s post. Banks apparently thought this to be disrespectful of Del Rey and came after her on Twitter. 

The back and forth captured the attention of the internet when Del Rey now famously said: “I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period.”

No one really saw this fight coming. Banks is notorious for being the butt of jokes, her seemingly incompetent demeanor inspiring internet hilarity. It struck everyone as odd when she started beef with Del Rey, who carries more of a witchy-spiritual-sexy aesthetic.

The internet quickly began spinning ideas of this fight being a “witch battle,” as Del Rey has spoken out about partaking in a ceremony to destroy President Trump. Banks then accused Del Rey of “bootleg witchcraft” during the altercation, bizarrely implicating that Banks herself knows how to do non-bootleg witchcraft.

Who’s to say if any witchcraft was actually performed, but what the world does know for certain is that this was most definitely the weirdest celebrity beef of 2018.

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