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The quickest shortcuts on campus

With such a big campus, it’s important to know the quickest routes.
Photo: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry

The Auraria campus is a big place and getting from point A to point B can take a while. But there are shortcuts to be found instead of taking the crowded main pathways, such as 10th street.

Many students commute with RTD, a common destination being the Colfax at Auraria Station. One quick route to get to the west part of campus when starting from the Colfax at Auraria RTD Station is by going through 9th Street Park next to the English department offices. Walking down the stone path leads right to the King Center, St. Cajetan’s Cathedral, and the parking garages. It is less crowded than the main walkways and allows a more direct route to the destination. 

While on the other side of campus by North Classroom, there is a quicker path to take to get to the  at Auraria Station as opposed to walking through the congested center of campus. Cutting through the area behind the library will lead to the edge of campus by St. Elizabeth’s Church. Then, following that sidewalk to the Cherry Creek Building and taking a right at Colfax will help avoid the busy main path.

Another way to save some time is by directly walking through certain buildings, such as Plaza and North Classroom, instead of walking around them. Plaza and North have a straight shot through the building to the other side.

While, there aren’t any noticeable short cuts from cutting campus east to west or vice versa, starting at the Auraria West light rail station is a closer option for students who are looking for classes on the west side of Campus (the Art Building, St. Cajetan’s, the King Center, etc.) For everyone else, the Colfax at Auraria Station is the closer choice.

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