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Most fucked up face in mumble rap

6ix9ine is an absolute clown

In 30 or so years when naive teenagers adorn rose-tinted glasses and idolize the cultural icons of a former epoch (much like the current generations obsession with the mediocrities of the 80s, 90s, and so on), they will no doubt remember the current influx of mumble rappers that dominated the game in 2018.

This group of murmuring poets can perhaps be most easily identified by their glossy-eyed, vacant stares, and unawareness of their immediate surroundings. But amongst these drug-soaked hooligans, one reigns supreme in his unabashed unsightliness.

6ix9ine is in full trash mode. Photo courtesy of WorldStarHipHop.

Takeshi SixNine, or 6ix9ine, earns this title by a mile with a slew of irreversible and ridiculous damages done on his ghastly visage. The rainbow theme of his ratty braids and fake grills are regrettable at best, but this hasn’t stopped him from doubling down in this regard. Not only does he sport an arrangement of face and neck tattoos (as do many of his contemporaries), but they all feature some variation of the number 69, including a confounding portrait of the Saw series’ Jigsaw. Such a juvenile humor is cringey enough on its own, but the rapper plasters this stupid gag all over his sickly, splotchy body. 6ix9ine is truly an excruciating nightmare image.

It’s as if this repugnant outward appearance is reflective of the disgusting rapper’s inner personality as well. From gang assault to domestic abuse, even statutory rape, accompanied with multiple arrests, Takeshi SixNine is not only the most deficient-looking rapper in the current wave but is also one of the foulest pieces of human garbage ever to curse the surface of the earth.

His physical features and disgusting personal history are equally disturbing, marking his existence and success within the industry as one of the all-time low points of the whole year.

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