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Chainsmokers Earn Their Spot as Total Bros

It’s been more than two years since The Chainsmokers’ disastrous interview with Billboard in which DJ Alex Pale said, “Even before success, pussy was number one… I wanted to hook up with hotter girls. I had to date a model,” and producer Andrew Taggart was quoted telling a backstage group he wants to die of alcohol poisoning. 

Look at those Douchey mugs. Photo courtesy of

The duo has since removed the section of their website bio that read, “17.34 combined inches,” which Pall explained, “that’s our penises combined… tip to tip.”

Taggart seemingly suggested in a 2017 interview with NME that the two were just being ironic, claiming, “We’re making fun of bros!” 

The duo might have toned down overt chauvinism and misogyny over the last couple years, though it’s hard not to roll one’s eyes at both members’ habit of posting shirtless photos on Instagram. 

Artistically, the duo’s recently released video “Beach House,” a song about listening to the music of Baltimore pop duo Beach House, continues to feature pretty white people wearing American Apparel. The track continues the duo’s habit of name-dropping both other music acts (like Blink-182 in “Closer”) and seemingly random international locations, only this time it’s Japan instead of Paris.

The continued success of The Chainsmokers is somewhat baffling given their combination of lyrically bland love songs with imagery of luxurious lifestyles and excessive partying that the average person might have trouble identifying with, since most people don’t have the ability to go clubbing around the world. 

For anyone who’s had enough of The Chainsmokers, unfortunately they’re now expanding into film. The duo recently formed a production company to produce a film version of their single “Paris.” Maybe the film version might actually feature Paris, France since the music video for “Paris” was inexplicably filmed in Los Angeles.

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