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Lil' Wayne has enjoyed a fruitful career. Photo courtesy of Brad Barket, AP

Lil’ Wayne:
The biggest Lil’ rapper in the business

Man, for an artist named Lil’, he’s got a lot of talent. From Xan to Uzi Vert, Pump to Peep, Jon to Yachty, the prefix has a lot to it, especially for one of the greats of the 00s and 10s in hip-hop, Lil’ Wayne, a.k.a. Weezy.

Dwayne M. Carter Jr. has been burning a path in the world of hip-hop since 91, and from his episodic Tha Carter album series, to some major fire features on tracks in his career, 27 years has aged well.

Lil’ Wayne has enjoyed a fruitful career. Photo courtesy of Brad Barket, AP


Going as well as taking a recent spot on SNL for his track “Uproar,” Wayne’s party-life vibes, word play, and croaking vocals have become iconic over the years. Features such as “Forever” by Drake, Eminem’s “No Love,” and the iconic flows on Chris Brown & Busta Rhymes’ “Look at Me Now” have skyrocketed his position on modern hip-hop/rap, with enough support from “Upgrade U” and “Something You Forgot” alone to show Lil’ Wayne can flow.

Despite this, the hip-hop industry was almost convinced that Lil’ Wayne peaked in 2008 with Tha Carter III. Now 10 years later, Wayne’s making his comeback with Tha Carter V, burning a noticeable path in the industry by becoming Wayne’s fourth #1 album debut spot in his career, debuting #1 on the Billboard Top 200 upon its release on Sept. 28.

With a clever string of bars and a club-style beat that complements the other Tha Carter albums well, the album is on point.

The advent of his newest album marks a new period of excellence in his record, a new era of music and relevent musical output. For this reason, Wayne returns to the spotlight, overshadowing the younger mumble rappers that followed his name and style. He makes up for everything these younger folks are missing and that is why he’s earned his way to #1.

Whether it be his upstart in the 90s, his reign in the 2000s, or his comeback in the 10s, Weezy is hungry for his fifth Grammy. Spending half of his life (now age 36) in the spotlight, Wayne has hands down outclassed, outmatched, and outdone the current string of Lil’ artists before the match even began.

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