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A Morsel of Hope

Every morning, I listen to The Dan Le Batard Show podcast on my daily commute. Among their reoccurring bits is analyzing the inevitability of “football” happening on a weekly basis, the reoccurring theme in the NFL for inexplicable upsets. 

It’s so ironic for “football” to happen so consistently  in a league where the Patriots have had unprecedented levels of dominance, but any team can win in random fits of chaos—at least in the regular season.

You don’t have to search hard to see evidence of “football” taking over. Just look at the week the puny Bills humiliated the Vikings, or when the unbeatable Saints stumbled against the Buccaneers and Fitzmagic, or literally every Patriots loss (Jaguars, Lions, Titans).

For back-to-back weeks, “football” happened in Broncos games. Now, the Broncos have been “football” candidates nearly every week. Don’t forget “football” almost happened to the Rams, the Texans, and the Chiefs (twice). But this time, the Broncos are actually winning, and in the most “football” fashion ever.

The Broncos managed to steal victories from the Chargers and the Steelers, both of whom were in the midst of six-game winning streaks and considered playoff heavyweights. The Broncos were outgained 373 yards across the two games but managed to resurrect some of their defensive magic, with six combined turnovers. 

After an untimely two-game winning streak, the Broncos are firmly back in the playoff race. Weird. 

Case Keenum hasn’t thrown a pick in a month, Vance Joseph hasn’t made any bone-headed decisions to cost the game in two games (although he’s certainly tried), the defense has begun to make game-winning plays again, and most importantly their schedule is a cake walk from here on out. The last five games are against the Bengals (who just lost their starting QB for the season), the 49ers, Browns, Raiders, and the Chargers. The Broncos only need five of those to realistically make a run. 

It’s only fitting that in my last column the Broncos would resurrect the last remnants of hope. There are only morsels of hope, scattered by the chaos of the football gods, but it’s hope all the same.

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