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Daily Archives: November 28, 2018

It’s okay to fail

Falling short can lead to greatness The Disney movie Meet the Robinsons has a scene where Lewis, a teenage orphan, was showing his latest invention to a family interested in adopting him. As he began demonstrating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich-making machine, the mechanisms

Add-on ticket fees complicate purchases

The total price should be advertised Excessive service fees on tickets to events like live shows and sporting events are not an unfamiliar annoyance for anyone that has ever purchased a ticket to any sort of entertainment event. Essentially, the annoyance isn’t in the fees

Guest column

I have a cosmic connection to Thursdays; a lot of significant events in my life have happened on a Thursday. First off, I was born on a Thursday (that’s sort of significant!), my first day of school was on a Thursday (weird day to start school,

2018 Midterms Provide Historic Firsts

The significance of the election results went beyond the gubernatorial race In a historic midterm election that ended with the democrats flipping the House of Representatives, the republicans retaining their majority in the Senate, and the most women ever being elected to Congress, Colorado made


A Morsel of Hope Every morning, I listen to The Dan Le Batard Show podcast on my daily commute. Among their reoccurring bits is analyzing the inevitability of “football” happening on a weekly basis, the reoccurring theme in the NFL for inexplicable upsets.  It’s so

RTD Price to Increase in 2019

Discounts to low-income and young riders The Board of Directors for the Regional Transportation District (RTD) voted on Sept. 18 to increase the price of local, regional, and airport fares, which will take effect in January 2019. Currently, the pricing for one-way rides is $2.60

The Call of the Void

A House Is Not a Home Going home this year for fall break was bittersweet. Bitter because I still had homework to do over break, and it’s not a break if you have homework. Bitter because a week before break, I found out my ex-boyfriend

Chancellor Horrell gives State of the Campus address

CU Denver addressing shifting demographics On Nov. 15, Chancellor Dorothy Horrell addressed the CU Denver campus, focusing on the recent growth and changing demands of the campus. Horrell stated that over the last academic year the campus population has grown by 1.5 percent. According to