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Metro Boomin | Not All Heroes Wear Capes | Album Review

Rating: 4 out 5 stars

After contemplating retirement in late December of 2017 and then calling it quits in April, Metro Boomin’s anticipated return resulted in a prolific, guest-filled debut album, Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

The album lays a foundation for the future, showing his progression in music making. Featuring many artists, such as Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Offset, and many more, Metro Boomin encapsulates each rapper with different beat styles. 

In the third track of the album, the first of three with artist 21 Savage, titled “Don’t Come Out The House,” Metro creates a horror score-like melody that creates a dramatic tone of high-pitched piano keys matched with Savage’s raspy, whispered lyricism.

In the song “Borrowed Love,” featuring Swae Lee and WizKid, Metro assembles steady, light percussion subtly mixed with low bass. Combined with the soothing vocals of Swae Lee and the light auto-tuned rap of WizKid, the melody produces a calm and sensational dancing atmosphere to the audience. It’s similar to “Dreamcatcher,” a song that features Travis Scott instead of WizKid; the atmosphere feels dance worthy yet chilling when met with Scott’s low vocals.

Overall, the album is for the audience’s enjoyment. It’s an album that expresses a party-like feeling. Yet, it isn’t necessarily music listened to at the club, rather it offers more of an introspective outlook in the hip-hop genre. 

The album builds on the legacy that Metro established back in 2013, creating a bigger version of the definitive producer that he has become. Because he has mostly collaborated with multiple artists rather than produced music on a solo level, Metro is best known for his work with fellow rap artists Future and Travis Scott. With the release of Not All Heroes Wear Capes, the young producer shows his prowess in the music industry. Metro propels himself as an artist capable of not only features but album creation, as well.

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