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Imagine Dragons | Origins | Album Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The fourth studio record from Imagine Dragons, released on Nov. 9, snakes listeners through the group’s various eras and genres from their past three releases.

Origins takes fans on an expedition back to the group’s beginnings, living up to the record’s name, and spotlights the group’s ability to effortlessly transition between genres not typically found in the realm of alternative music. 

“Cool Out” takes listeners back to chill 80s synth influences that are frequently featured in the group’s third record, Evolve. Lyrics like “I’m standing on your front porch saying ‘don’t go’ / You were lookin’ at me wild saying ‘just go home’ and / Cool out ‘cause baby I don’t think I’m the one for you” mixed with the serene synth backing creates a perfect balance of tranquility and frenzy. 

Other songs off the 15-track record take fans even further back to the group’s debut and second album. Tracks like “Birds” or “Bullet in a Gun” take listeners back to sounds from Night Visions with the notes of placid rock; “Machine” reintroduces listeners to the group’s heavier sound present in their second album, Smoke + Mirrors.

  “Bullet in a Gun” stands to be the most profound track off the 53-minute album. The track makes comments on mental health, taking notes from styles more typical to sounds from Twenty One Pilots. The song is surprisingly catchy and upbeat despite the more somber sounding lyrics like “How many artists fear the light / Fear the pain, go insane? / Lose the mind, lose yourself” that overlap the quick-tempo instrumentals.

Origins holds up eloquently with Imagine Dragons’ past records and allows for fans to reminisce on the group’s past hit tracks. The record makes for a perfect listen for any setting and is bound to have endless hits, hitting the radio waves soon enough.

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