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have a cosmic connection to Thursdays; a lot of significant events in my life have happened on a Thursday. First off, I was born on a Thursday (that’s sort of significant!), my first day of school was on a Thursday (weird day to start school, I know), my high school graduation was on a Thursday, major surgeries in my life have been on Thursdays, last days of jobs have been on Thursdays, job offers have been on Thursdays (three of which on the same date), I’ve said graveside goodbyes to loved ones on Thursdays.

Most recently, my car battery died on a Thursday, the next week my washing machine died on a Thursday, I had a bird fly into my glass door on a Thursday, a chair flew off a truck and hit my car while I was driving down the highway on a Thursday. You get the idea, hang around me long enough on a Thursday and something random is bound to happen. This isn’t meant to discount the other days of the week; they all have their place, but the stuff, the sauce, the chewy pieces of life happen to me on Thursdays. 

As I write this, I’m thinking of the Thursdays to come. No doubt there will be other events on these harbingers of randomness in my life. Days of triumph and tragedy to come, Thursdays will be benchmark days whereby I’m connected to the pulse of life and am fully present, even if I’m not on other days. I guess my point is this: We all have incredible moments happen every day of our lives, and if we slow down and pay attention long enough, we might find the thread that sews life together into a glorious patchwork quilt of days.


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